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SORA is a new economic system: a ‘decentralized central bank’ with built-in tools for decentralized finance. The SORA network implements a new kind of parachain architecture on the Polkadot network: a so-called parachain-virtual-bridge capable of bridging external blockchains (like Ethereum) to Polkadot.

SORA is airdropping a total of 33,100,000 VAL to ERC-20 XOR holders. The snapshot was taken on April 12th, 2021, at Ethereum block 12225000 and eligible holders will be able to claim free VAL at a ratio of 94.57142857142857 VAL per XOR sometime this week on Polkaswap.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Visit the SORA VAL claim page when the claim goes live.
  2. The claim will go sometime this week. Follow their social channels for the announcement.
  3. Users who’ve held ERC-20 XOR in a private wallet at the time of the snapshot are eligible to claim the rewards.
  4. The snapshot was taken on April 12th, 2021, at Ethereum block 12225000.
  5. Eligible holders will be able to claim 94.57142857142857 VAL per XOR in which 10 VAL will be distributed at the launch of the SORA v2 mainnet and the remaining tokens over time as VAL gets burned from transactions.
  6. For more information regarding the airdrop, see this Medium article.

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Total value:

33,100,000 VAL

Airdrop unconfirmed

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1 XOR : 94.5 VAL

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