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ZoidPay is a tech company specialized in custom-made blockchain payment solutions for companies and individuals alike. Since their incorporation in 2018, they have been solely focused on developing products and constantly growing their team.

ZoidPay is airdropping a total of 1,000,000 ZPAY tokens to TOMO holders and stakers. Hold or stake a minimum of 5,000 TOMO in a private wallet to be eligible for an equal share of the total airdrop pool.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Hold a minimum of 5,000 TOMO in a private wallet or stake a minimum of 5,000 TOMO in TomoPool or TomoMaster to be eligible for the airdrop.
  2. Users holding TOMO on an exchange won’t be eligible for the airdrop.
  3. A snapshot will be taken at any time between May 27th, 2021 and June 4th, 2021.
  4. A total of 1,000,000 ZPAY will be distributed equally to all eligible holders.
  5. For more information regarding the airdrop, see this tweet.

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1,000,000 ZPAY

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